To cancel your reservation in an Activate House class you must cancel online or via your app.
To unreserve your class, you must go online or login via the app no later than 5PM the day before your scheduled class. Your class will be returned to your account.
If you do not unreserve your class before the cancellation window (5pm the day before your scheduled class) or you do not show up for class, you forfeit a class credit from your package. Unlimited Members: If you late cancel or no show your class, you will receive a $15 non-refundable cancellation penalty fee.

Accessibility is important to us. Scholarships are available to those who need support. We have created a scholarship program that is open to everyone and allows those who apply and are accepted to be granted an Activate House membership that they would not otherwise be able to participate in. It launches on 2/2/2022.
Please email to request more information.